Exciting new/old product
  • Retro 45 record look
  • Your own music mix
  • Inkjet printable label
Price breakthrough on BD-R DL
New, super low priced 50GB Blu-ray discs - Under $3.50 each and this includes FREE DELIVERY - limited stocks - Hurry!
  • 50GB BD-R DL
  • 10pk $34.95 Delivered*
  • Hurry Limited Stocks
HOT - clear printable film
Clear A3 and A4 inkjet or laser/copy printable film - very popular for overlays, OHP presentations and lots more..

  • BIG range of clear film..
  • A3, A4, Inkjet, Laser, Copier...
Never lose your data - keep it on your keyring - 64GB USB drive

  • Tiny 64GB USB drive
  • Hook it on your keyring
  • $44.98 inc delivery - more..

Sony inkjet printable DVD-R / CD-R discs - hard to find? no more!!
  • Top Quality SONY
  • Full face inkjet printable
  • CD-R & DVD-R more...

Weather resistant, white adhesive sheets available in A4, A3 and rolls for Inkjet or Laser printing

  • Durable, adhesive printable...
  • Very popular - start here
New Range of Value DVDs

New High Quality inkjet printalbe DVD-R in 8X and 16X prices as low as 17¢ ea - $99.95 for a carton of 600 #21105 #21106

  • 16X inkjet under 20¢ ea
  • 600 cartons for under $100
Indestructable Laser Paper
Waterproof, tearproof, laser / copier printable paper. Need paper that lasts in the tough real-world - Duracopy try it out from $9.95 including delivery

  • Rugged Laser / copier paper
  • Sale - frm $9.95 deliverd
New larger capacity cases

Extended range of multi-disc DVD cases. Now taking 11, 12, 13 and 14 discs -  Great for those really large collections
  • For 11, 12, 13 & Discs
  • Clear/Frosted with clear wrap
Ritek 50GB Blu-Ray discs

Ritek BD-R DL 50GB 1-8X hub printable inkjet in 50pack $4.60/disc postage included #11855

Taiyo Yuden / JVC BD-R Blu-ray wide inkjet printable - intro offer 5 disk starter pack just $19.95 including postage #11816
  • CD-R and DVD-R here..
  • Photo Inkjet Paper ..here..
Lightscribe hard to get?
We have them! Lightscribe CD-Rs and DVD-Rs

  • Special printable surface
  • Needs Lightscibe burner & discs
  • Hard to get? LOOK!
New Glossy inkjet discs from Ritek
New glossy inkjet printable CD-R and DVD-R from Ritek - print just like commerical offset printing - look just like bought ones!!
  • Ritek DVD-R & CD-R
  • Beautiful perl gloss inkjet
  • 50 packs & Cartons....  More..
Verbtaim Top Seller - bulk buy
Verbatim DVD-R 16X wide inkjet printable, buy carton of 200 for $88.95 thats a saving of 25% off RRP (95079)
  • Verbatim DVD-R 16X I/J
  • 200 carton $88.95  More..
Hot - full range of Blu-ray disc cases
Popular Blu-ray Cases
  • Range from 1-6 discs
  • Blu-ray colour & size
  • Clear wrap for slicks  More...
New lightbox display film
Printable film for stunning lightbox displays

*FREE shipping applies to destinations in Australia and only for the specific items, additional items ordered at the same time are not entitled to this offer.

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