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Duracopy Waterproof Laser paper A4 100pk NEW # 66138-100

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A durable, tear and stain resistant film for imaging by xerographic process, providing a dense black or color image on a bright white background. Film is designed for use in virtually all copiers.
Perfect for heavy duty applications where liquids or moisture could damage printed materials. Spills and stains are repelled and do not affect the printed surface. To clean Duracopy Permanent Paper simply wipe clean with a wet cloth or put under tap.
White Opaque Film that provides excellent color saturation, print resolution, print resolution and high quality output. Can be printed on either side.
Great for Maps, Maintenance sheets/books, Instruction Manuals, Plans and Technical Drawings, Menus, tags and any application where there is a need for long-lasting performance.
Brand Duracopy
Desc Permanent paper
Material Coated polyester (PET)
Size A4 (210 x 297mm)
Print Laser/Copier
Weight 155GSM
Thickness 125 micron
Outdoor Life <3 years

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