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Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot MediaShare Streaming-free Post (98243)

 ♦ Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot  ♦ Password protected secure  ♦ Share USB & SD card contents  ♦ Charge phones etc via USB)  ♦ Stay safe - does not connect to the internet
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  • PCX # 36100
  • MFR # 98243
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Allow 2 business days to despatch

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Put lots of kid's stuff on a USB drive or SD card and give access to your children. As there is NO INTERNET access you can rest easy!!.

Tablet or smartphone users

Access and enjoy unlimited content on removable media without running out of memory on your mobile device.

Business travelers

No need to tie up space on your laptop working on a multi-component presentation. Co-workers can access whatever data they need with the MediaShare wireless hotspot.


Use the MediaShare Wireless to ensure you are covered for in-flight entertainment.

Keeping the kids quiet when travelling

Every one can be watching the video, music, podcast .. of their choice..

Runing out of battery on your smartphone

Simply plug it into the USB slot and roll on!!

Backup for everyone

Copy your important stuff to another backup drive...
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