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Magnetic Products

Products that use magnetism

Magnetic Sheets - usage ideas
  • All have one side magnetic
  • Second side
    • Adhesive (permanent grade) - create a magneic area to hold small metal objects like dies
      This material is also great for use on the back of card stock for fridge magnets - print on card and use a small piece of adhesive magnet to make them frig magnets
    • Printable - Gloss or matte, inkjet or laser/copier types to make signage to place on metal, for example removable signs on vehicles.
    • Printable - Make changable signage by reusing the magnetic sheet - start by printing on Hang-out papers which are repositionable. For example you print on the movable grade printable sheets and place these on the magneic sheet.
      So later you can remove this printed sheet and replace it with a new printed sheet.
    • Printable - Make signage waterproof by overlaying with clear protective film (cold laminate)
    • Note inkjet printed sheets have limited lifetimes out in the sun and rain. Use of UV protective clear adhesive sheets can extend the sign's lifetime.

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