Clear Sheet Film (paper)

Widest range of clear film for desktop office and creative applications. Includes varieties of adhesives, sizes and printer compatabilities.

Clear film has a wide range of applications including labeling, decals, signs, overlays etc.

Starting with the simplest, clear non adhesive and non printed sheets that can be used for front sheets in binders and used with a suitable felt pen for overhead projector slides (OHP).

There is also non-printable clear adhesive sheets and rolls. These are intended to provide a protective film cover for printed sheets. This protection provides Ultra violet (UV) as well as water and physical protection.
This is referred to as 'Cold Laminate' as it does not require heat to be applied nor does it require any special equipment. To provide full liquid protection the sheet needs to be able to extend beyond the printed sheet, so sheets have about 5mm extra on all 4 sides.
Oversize Cold Laminate may also be used to sandwich printed sheets to offer complete protection and a stiffness that makes for a more durable outcome.
Additionally as this clear film is glossy it makes matte pages into gloss. More...

Printing (either Inkjet or Laser/photo copier) allows for printed of overlays in presentations, which might include diagrams, maps etc.

Adhesive Printable Clear sheets are applicable to the widest range of uses, including labels to go onto clear glass or plastic for product presentation or simply signage for windows and the like. These labels can appear to have been printed on the background, so that they appear to be part of the product or background etc. These can be printed mirror reversed so you can stick them on the inside of a clear surface and read them from the other side..

cling or permanent adhesive clear printable film for container labelling
Adhesive* - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)
Non Adhesive
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Cling / Movable
  Sheet size A3 - 297x420mmInkjet printableSelf adhesive movable grade (M)
  Aqueous Waterslide Adhesive**  

Application Notes

It is important to note that your printer probably does not have white ink/toner, unlike paper which provides a white background. Clear film has only the background determined by its placement. You may consider replacing white (areas of transparency) with yellow or some other light colour.
If this is an issue for your application, you may consider using a backlit lightbox film. This film will let light through but the background is white.

If you are not interested in printing, you may select any of the laser printable media. Inkjet printable paper has a slight sandy appearance / feeling, whereas laser prints directly on the film.

*About Adhesives - All adhesive are 'self adhesive' meaning they have a backing sheet (wax like) that is removed after printing to expose the adhesive side.
**Aqueous Waterslide Adhesive - this is a water soluable gum adhesive.
Permanent means just that, it is not intended to be removed (without a lot of effort). Typically the adhesive becomes permanent a few days after being applied.
Removable/Temporary - Cling is just like cling wrap where the material is attracted to the surface ie 'static' - typically no adhesive is used on the sheets.
Movable = Repositional meaning it is adhesive but can be placed, removed, and placed somewhere else without losing its stickyness and not leaving any traces of adhesive..

We are often asked about what sort of adhesive film is suitable to go around candles.
This is not simple. Firslty if you are intending to light the candle, you need to consider what happens when the candle burns down to the picture. You should consider the heat from the candle igniting or producing smoke...
Given that the candle is intended to be purely artistic then:

Using clear inkjet or laser printed self adhesive film:
The adhesive on the printed sheet may not readily stick to the candle. This is particularly so when using fairly stiff film and fairly small diameter candles. To overcome this the easiest way is to simply overlap the printed sheet so it sticks to itself. While this may not be the most desirable approch from an appearance perspective, it works!!
Using Waterslide inkjet or laser printable film. See list
The important issue with this approach is that the printed film is very thin and very flexible. This means that it will readily adopt the shape of the candle.
The process is
  • print
  • Cut out the print you want on the candle.
  • If you are using an inkjet printer you may wish to spray or brush over the print with a clear lacquer to make it water proof.
  • With a saucer of water, submerge the print in the water for a few seconds.
  • Once the gum adhesive is soft, the film (printed side) can be slid off the backing sheet, straight onto the candle.

About Printing - While papers and films are nominated that they may be printable using a particular printing method, it is by no means intended to indicate that all printers of that kind of technology will print perfectly on all papers and film we provide. You need to test your particular printer with the media. We are in no position to guarantee all devices and all toners and inks, particularly where the toners and inks may be suppied by third parties (compatible inks and toners). It is strongly suggested that you purchase a small pack before you invest in larger packs which may not ultimately suite your requirements.

Where Laser is indicated, this generally means that the material works with Monochrome and colour laser printers and photo copiers - In effect this also means they should work with screen printing and other printing methods that do not need an absorbent surface (aqueous).

Where Inkjet is indicated, it is intended to mean the typical desktop inkjet printer. These printable materials have an absorbant surface material that allows for water based inks to soak in. Unless otherwise indicated the two kinds of inks available being Dye and Pigment types will both work, but the quality of the outcome can readily vary between printable products. Additionally this kind of material is usually also compatible to Solvent/Eco Solvent printing

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE INKJET PRINTABLE MATERIALS IN A LASER OR PHOTO COPIER. The heat may well melt the film and require replacement of internal parts of the printer.

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