Services Department

PCX's Services Department deals with value-adding services and products which help you save time and money.
For example; PCX will print and burn your discs, create custom calendar cases or USB drives, or even convert your home VHS or 8mm film movies to DVD.

PCX endeavours to provide all these services and more with fast turn-around time, inexpensive, unique and quality products that you will be proud of.

Primarily PCX is not in the creative business, but our customers are, so we expect you to provide suitable artwork for us to print.

To make this work effectively there is a need for the supplied artwork to meet the relevant requirements. These requirements or guidelines are important to make the provision of the service speedy, and to provide a predictable and quality outcome.

In this section you will find order forms, service descriptions and background information to help you make better choices and gain a reasonable expectation of the processes and outcomes.

Please refer to our Admin Department section for order processing, payments etc .

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